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Rethinking Sovereign Risk
  About us

Spiro Sovereign Strategy is a  niche London-based consultancy specialising in  sovereign credit risk.

We believe that while sovereign risk has emerged as a prevailing theme in financial markets, investment thinking is not keeping pace with changes in  countries' creditworthiness.  This is partly a function of old mindsets, but mostly due to insufficient differentiation between economies. 

By taking a rigorously discerning  approach, we expand the knowledge base and refine the investment strategies of a broad range of financial institutions, private corporations and sovereign funds.

Spiro Sovereign Strategy was established by Dr Nicholas Spiro, an expert in sovereign risk analysis and an authority on Russian and European affairs.

Dr Spiro's former roles include head of Economics & Strategy for Central & East Europe at DTZ, the international commercial property adviser, and Central Europe consultant for Medley Global Advisors (MGA).


Dr Spiro also covered Central European affairs for The Economistand was a contributor to the Financial Times, The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) and Oxford Analytica.

Now based in London, Dr Spiro has worked in Warsaw, Moscow and Budapest.

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